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Take a FREE HTML Course

Take a FREE HTML Course

Take a FREE HTML Course to find out what online e-learning is all about and how it works. It's a free full training course, taking approximately 5 hours to complete! 

Basics of HTML and XHTML (Web Publishing and Design with HTML & XHTML - Course 2)
 is one of 200+ courses in our Web Design online training subscription. The Web Development Pack contains online courses from beginning courses, like this one, to advanced development courses like PHP and XML.

Basics of HTML and XHTML (Web Publishing and Design with HTML & XHTML - Course 2)
Course Outline

After taking this course, you will have a basic knowledge of HTML 4.01 and XHTML. You will also understand how to apply these technologies to build basic Web pages.

This course is for anyone who needs to understand how HTML is used to develop pages for the World Wide Web.

HTML Course Objectives

After completing Basics of HTML and XHTML (Web Publishing and Design with HTML & XHTML - Course 2), the user should be able to:
* Explain the structure of a simple HTML page
* Describe the advantages and flexibility cascading style sheets allow
* Apply HTML tags for overall page structure
* Build ordered and unordered lists in a simple HTML page
* Build HTML pages that have the ability to link back and forth

HTML Course Topics

* What HTML is - and what it is not
* The current standard: XHTML 1.0
* Using Cascading Style Sheets
* Structuring your HTML
* Lists, lists, and more lists
* Creating links
* Relative and absolute links
* Links to other documents on the Web
* Parts of URLs
* Kinds of URLs

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